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Don't Look Back
Don't Look Back By Armentrout, Jennifer L. Book - 2014 Fiction Armentr Available in some locations

Annotation:Samantha and her friend Cassie vanished one night.Now Sam has returned, but has no memory of anything. The more she learns about herself, the more she is grateful for not remembering. It seems that she took the phrase "Mean Girl" to a whole new level. But Cassie is still missing, and someone does not want Sam's memories to return, someone who is watching, ready to kill.

Blonde Ops
Blonde Ops A Novel By Bennardo, Charlotte Book - 2014 Fiction Bennard Available in some locations

Annotation:Bec is a wealthy, spoiled rebel. After her latest expulsion, she is shipped off to Rome to intern for the editor of a fashion magazine. But when the First Lady visits, and the editor has an "accident," Bec realizes that the First Lady is in danger. This is a fun, action-packed romp through Rome.

The Last Forever
The Last Forever By Caletti, Deb Book - 2014 Fiction Caletti Available in some locations

Annotation:Six months after her mother dies, Tessa and her pot-smoking, never-do-well dad go on a road trip where Tessa meets a young man who helps her to live again.

The Murder Complex
The Murder Complex By Cummings, Lindsay Book - 2014 TEEN FICTION CUMMI Available in some locations

Annotation:Meadow Woodson, a fifteen-year-old girl who has been trained by her father to fight, to kill, and to survive in any situation, lives with her family on a houseboat in Florida. The state is controlled by The Murder Complex, an organization that tracks the population with precision. The plot starts to thicken when Meadow meets Zephyr James, who is—although he doesn't know it—one of the MC's programmed assassins. Is their meeting a coincidence? Destiny? Or is it part of a terrifying strategy?

Salvage By Duncan, Alexandra Book - 2014 Fiction Duncan Available in some locations

Annotation:Ava, a teenage girl living aboard the male-dominated, conservative deep space merchant ship Parastrata, faces betrayal, banishment, and death. Taking her fate into her own hands, she flees to the Gyre, a floating continent of garbage and scrap in the Pacific Ocean. This is a sweeping and harrowing novel about a girl who can't read or write or even withstand the forces of gravity. What choices will she make? How will she build a future on an earth ravaged by climate change?

Exile By Emerson, Kevin Book - 2014 Fiction Emerson Available in some locations

Annotation:Summer is about to start her senior year at a school that offers budding rock stars and would-be managers early immersion in the profession. Still hurting from getting dumped by both her boyfriend and the band she managed, she is ready to find a new group of musicians. She finds Caleb, a brooding, sensitive front man who dumped his own band when he learned he was the son of dead rock legend.

Stella A Novel By Eve, Helen Book - 2014 Fiction Eve Available in some locations

Annotation:Stella Hamilton takes mean girl to a new level. She is the star of Temperley High, leader of the maliciously exclusive elite. Enter new girl Caitlin, who is drawn into Stella's inner circle only to begin to replace her as queen. Let the drama begin.

Broken Hearts, Fences, and Other Things to Mend
Broken Hearts, Fences, and Other Things to Mend By Finn, Katie Book - 2014 Fiction Finn Available in some locations

Annotation:Gemma, age 16, is looking forward to a great summer. Then, her boyfriend dumps her and she is sent back to the Hamptons to stay with her dad. She fears running into her old BFF, whose life Gemma ruined five years earlier.

A Creature of Moonlight
A Creature of Moonlight By Hahn, Rebecca Book - 2014 Fiction Hahn Available in some locations

Annotation:Marni has always heard the forest calling to her. Living in exile with her grandfather, she struggles to ignore the forest. But then the trees begin to encroach upon the kingdom, and she must face the mystery of her birthright.

Life by Committee
Life by Committee By Haydu, Corey Ann Book - 2014 Fiction Haydu Available in some locations

Annotation:Tabitha gets dumped by jealous friends when she develops into a pretty teenager. But she has secrets...she is in love with Joe, with whom she shares an intense, but online only relationship because he is "with" Sasha. She finds a website where people post their secrets and get advice from a "committee" who tells them what to do next.

Burn Out
Burn Out By Helvig, Kristi Book - 2014 Fiction Helvig Available in some locations

Annotation:When our sun becomes a red giant sooner than science predicted, the human race dies off, except for isolated Pod Cities, where they turn to space to find a new world. Tora's father was a weapons creator for the government, and when he discovered what his weapons would be used for, he took his family to a bunker, stealing the weapons. Now, only Tora is left alive.

The Hunt
The Hunt By Kade, Stacey Book - 2014 Fiction Kade Available in some locations

Annotation:Book #2 in the Project Paper Doll Series. Ariane has escaped GTX, the facility that created her, and is on the run. The only person she can trust is Zane, but accepting his help places him in danger.

A Girl Called Fearless
A Girl Called Fearless By Linka, Catherine Book - 2014 Fiction Linka Available in some locations

Annotation:After most women are killed by a toxic hormone in our beef supply, life changes for the women left alive. Avie is a teen who must travel with a bodyguard until her father contracts her to marry some wealthy old man who buys her.

The Fire Wish
The Fire Wish By Lough, Amber Book - 2014 Fiction Lough Available in some locations

Annotation:Princess Zayelle is locked in a caravan to marry a prince. She'll do anything to escape. Najwa is a Jinni. When Zayelle captures Najwa, she makes a wish. In a rush of smoke, and fire, they find themselves transformed into the other.

Nil By Matson, Lynne Book - 2014 Fiction Matson Available in some locations

Annotation:Nobody knows how they arrived on the island of Nil. But they know they have exactly one year to escape or they die.

Love and Other Foreign Words
Love and Other Foreign Words By McCahan, Erin Book - 2014 Fiction McCahan Available in some locations

Annotation:Josie, the main character who leads us through this nifty little exploration of linguistics, love, and coming to terms with coming of age. Almost sixteen, Josie exists in a variety of worlds. She is a sister, daughter, friend, teammate, high school student, and college student. But love? That is something she has yet to experience.

Let the Storm Break
Let the Storm Break By Messenger, Shannon Book - 2014 Fiction Messeng Available in some locations

Annotation:In this 2nd book in the Sky Fall Series, Audra and Vane's journey as they navigate different winds, fight enemies, and try to beat the odds.

Free to Fall
Free to Fall By Miller, Lauren Book - 2014 Fiction Miller Available in some locations

Annotation:Welcome to a time when you no longer need to worry about making any choices for yourself. There's an app for that, called Lux, and everyone knows that to ensure a happy, healthy life, you need to do whatever Lux tells you to do. Rory thinks her future success is assured when she is accepted into Theden Academy. But then she meets someone who does not use Lux, and suddenly she is not too sure anymore.

V Is for Villain
V Is for Villain By Moore, Peter Book - 2014 Fiction Moore Available in some locations

Annotation:Brad has always lived in his older brother's shadow. Brad is a genius while Blake is a super hero member of the Justice Force.

Flame By Ryan, Amy Kathleen Book - 2014 Fiction Ryan Available in some locations

Annotation:In this thrilling conclusion to Amy Kathleen Ryan's Sky Chasers series, Waverly, Kieran, and Seth struggle to survive on-board the New Horizon—and take down their enemies before it's too late

Strange Sweet Song
Strange Sweet Song By Rule, Adi Book - 2014 Fiction Rule Available in some locations

Annotation:Sing da Navelli dreams of singing the lead role of her favorite opera, Angelique. When she enrolls at the prestigious Dunhammond Conservatory, Sing is immersed into the strange history of the school and the peculiar mythology surrounding Angelique’s origins. A strange magic lurks in the woods surrounding Dunhammond, permeating the school and the music that is created there, and Sing is about to discover the great lengths she will go to in order to create music.

Sinner By Stiefvater, Maggie Book - 2014 Fiction Stiefva Available in some locations

Annotation:This is the follow-up to the Shiver Series. Cole & Isabel share a past. They have the power to save each other and tear each other apart. The only thing they know for certain is they cannot let go.

Girl in Reverse
Girl in Reverse By Stuber, Barbara Book - 2014 Fiction Stuber Available in some locations

Annotation:During the Korean War, Lily’s Asian heritage makes her a target. She is sick of the racism she faces, a fact her adoptive parents won’t take seriously. For Lily, war is everywhere—the dinner table, the halls at school, and especially within her own skin.

Hungry By Swain, Heather Book - 2014 YA SWAIN Available in some locations

Annotation:In Thalia's world, nobody needs food anymore. There's a pill for that. But when she meets a boy who is part of the underground that wants to bring food back, she feels drawn to his cause...and him.

The Merciless
The Merciless By Vega, Danielle Book - 2014 Fiction Vega Available in some locations

Annotation:New girl in town Sofia was thrilled when Riley and her clique befriended her. She believed them when they said they wanted to help Brooklyn. But now Brooklyn is lying in the basement of an empty house in a pool of her own blood and Sofia is just as trapped as Brooklyn is.

Reckoning By Wilkinson, Kerry Book - 2014 Fiction Wilkers Available in some locations

Annotation:At 16, Silver takes the Reckoning, the test that will determine her place in society. The results deem her an offering to King Victor. But nobody really knows what happens to the teenagers who disappear into Windsor Castle. Is being an Offering the privilege everyone assumes it to be, or do the walls of the castle have something to hide?

The Haven
The Haven A Novel By Williams, Carol Lynch Book - 2014 Fiction William Available in some locations

Annotation:The Haven is more than just a hospital; it is their home. It is all they know. Everything is strictly monitored: education, exercise, food, and rest. The rules must be followed to keep the children healthy, to help control the Disease that has cast them as Terminals, the Disease that claims limbs and lungs—and memories.

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